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Step 7Adapt and constantly perfect

At the very beginning of this huge change in the way you’ve been handling your household expenses so far, keep in mind that this exercise isn’t remotely simple. At first, you’ll find it difficult to think about and write down every expense, and not only your own, but for all the members of your household. But no matter how much your household members complain that you’re boring them with your constant questions about how much they’ve spent each and every day, and on what, this will give you a complete overview of the way you spend your monthly income, regardless of its amount.

During the first month there may be some errors and omissions, perhaps your initial plan might prove inadequate, so it might require additional changes and tweaking. And that’s all right. Circumstances can change, and our plans right alongside them – that’s life. But you’ll see that after a month or two of handling your expenses in this manner, it’ll become a routine thing that won’t take up much of your time, but it will greatly increase the quality of life for you and your household members. Perhaps during this exercise you’ll come up with your own, different way of distributing your household budget and savings, which will simply mean that you’ve completely mastered this guide and had enough practice to adapt and perfect it in order to completely adjust it to your own needs. And that is completely okay.

The important thing is to start managing your money in the most efficient way, to cover your needs with what you have, and believe us, we know how hard it can be nowadays. That is why we’re trying to help you get more successful at that.

This guide is inspired by the workbook „7 steps that will help you build a budget that works“ published by the Canadian registered non-profit service for consumers Credit Counseling Society