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Step 5Realize your plan

Since you’ve reached this chapter, that means you’ve successfully recorded your expenses, separated your necessities from your wants, and that you’ve finally managed to compose an optimal monthly budget that will allow you to save as much as you’ve planned. We congratulate you on your willpower and perseverance!

Now go back to your household budget chart that you’ve downloaded in Step 2. There you have your expenses divided into your regular monthly expenses and your living expenses. Your regular monthly expenses are more or less the same every month, and you know you’ll have to pay them. Therefore – as soon as you get your paycheck, immediately set aside the amount needed to pay these expenses, so you have it on hand to pay the bills as they arrive. Don’t spend this amount on anything else, so either leave it on your account or in a safe place, if you’ve already cashed in your paycheck or your pension.

Now take a look at the revised version of your Living expenses column. Divide the total amount from the column by four, for four weeks per month, then try to weekly spend at most that amount and do your best not to exceed the set limit. And if you do exceed it, try to spend less than the set amount next week.

It might be a bit difficult at first, but give it a try and you’ll see it’ll pay off! Prove it to yourself that you can do it, all it takes is a little discipline and perseverance. And don’t forget to put the remaining savings in a safe place – your piggy-bank, or your bank account (the latter of which we wholeheartedly recommend, because that’s the best way to ensure you won’t spend it.).

You don’t need to save on things that are important to you – your health, healthy diet, important household necessities. Instead, every time you’re getting ready to spend money on some tiny thing you feel doesn’t really affect your total budget all that much, try to think about whether you actually need it. For example, instead of spending money in a coffee shop, buy a coffee “to go” and drink it in a nearby park. Instead of buying breakfast in the bakery or a fast-food joint, make yourself a sandwich at home. Instead of bottled water, invest in a pitcher with a water filter. Communicate over Viber or What’sApp to decrease your monthly phone bill.