Opportunity Banka A.D. Novi Sad
Bulevar Oslobođenja 2A
Novi Sad
Tel: +381 21 530 111, 530 024


Step +1Save That cASH = STASH

A brief poll: Would you be interested in a banking product that looked like this:

The bank pays you a 24,000 RSD interest-free loan, which is automatically placed in a 12 month time deposit account.

You pay a 2,000 RSD monthly loan installment.

At any point, if you need it, you can take out your savings in the amount you already paid off.

After you pay off your loan, the bank will pay out your savings with interest totaling 27,000 dinars.

That is the amount you managed to save up without any expenses, with just a little bit of help and motivation provided by the bank, and now you can spend it, save it for some future use or unforeseen situation, or you can continue with your savings and increase it even more.

          a) Yes
          b) I don’t know
          c) No

If you’ve answered this poll with a) or b), you’re the right candidate for a product which is a combination of credit and savings created by Opportunity bank in order to stimulate savings and saving habits of all citizens, regardless of their income or employment situation.

That means that every citizen of age, employed or unemployed, pensioner, student, seasonal worker, freelancer, small business owner, farmer, etc. can go to Opportunity bank branch offices in Kragujevac, Novi Sad, Novi Beograd and Niš, and without any additional fees, after a really quick and simple procedure, take out a 12-month interest-free loan in the amount of 24,000, 36,000 or 48,000 dinars, which is instantly placed in a 12 month time deposit account, and if you regularly pay off all 12 monthly installments (one installment equaling exactly 1/12th of your loan), you’ll ultimately be able to withdraw the full loan amount with additional 12.5% interest, which is Opportunity bank’s way of rewarding you for your discipline and perseverance, as well as the will to make savings one of your good habits.

As you can see from the poll question, for a 24,000 dinars loan, your reward would be 3,000 dinars, so that when you pay off the loan, you’ll be able to take out 27,000 dinars, while after paying off a 48,000 dinars loan, you’d be able to take out a sum total of 54,000 dinars.
And no, there’s no fine print, the nominal interest rate is equal to the effective interest rate, and there are no hidden expenses. If you at any point and for any reason whatsoever realize you’re no longer able to pay off your loan, you can cancel your savings early, and take out the amount equal to the credit amount you already paid off, but in that case you don’t get any interest, a.k.a. “the reward”, so you’ve lost absolutely nothing and you’ll still break even.

Check out a short informational video about this product: