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When we started writing this guide, we asked ourselves – What is the savings situation like in Serbia today, and we’ve come to several discouraging findings. Statistical data shows that a quarter of Serbian citizens are at risk of poverty, while a third of its citizens feel like they are struggling to make the ends meet. The average income and the average pension are barely enough to meet basic demands of an average household.
During the 90s, many people lost their bank savings. An independent study conducted in Serbia in late 2016. discovered that only 28% of Serbian citizens would be able to cover an unexpected expense in the amount of 200 euros, 37% would have to sell something or borrow the money, while 26% of citizens claim they have no means of securing that amount. That means that over two thirds of our country’s population have no savings.

All this tells us that it’s really difficult to save money nowadays. But is it impossible? The purpose of this guide is to convince you that it’s possible to save, even with the smallest income, only if you’re persistent enough, and ready to make significant changes.

Could you pay for an unexpected, yet essential expense in the amount of 200€ ?

One of our retired clients told us that if she uses her pension to buy her medication, she doesn’t have enough left to pay her bills, and if she pays the bills – she can’t pay for her medication. And every month she is faced with the same dilemma. All of you whose children are going to school know how hard it is, come September, to get the money for textbooks and other school supplies, while we buy our clothes and go to vacation pretty much exclusively in installments. When our washing machine or our car breaks down, we overdraw our account or pay with our credit card, even though that is by far the most expensive way of borrowing money, much more expensive than a regular cash loan. And now imagine that, when faced with a situation like this, you had your own “stash” that you could use to cover these expenses.

We all often think about having savings, and imagine what a weight off it would be if we had a stash in some bank account or a piggy-bank. The problem is, we only think about it, instead of doing something about it. There are a lot of reasons why we don’t save money, and the most obvious one is that we don’t have anything to save from, because we spend all we earn.

When we say "savings", our first thought is a huge sum that can be obtained by selling real estate, inheritance or winning the lottery. But if we change our perception of savings, and start with smaller amounts, our goals will become much more obtainable. It doesn’t matter how much we save up, the important thing is to make a habit out of it. With this guide we want to help you find your way to save up, but first and foremost to help you realize that YOU CAN DO IT!

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